Tri-Valley Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Job Shadow Day

BEST Day, or Business & Educators Shadowing for Tomorrow, is designed to enrich the educational program for students by providing an opportunity for teachers to job shadow in the business community.

This experience brings real world relevance to the classroom in the subjects directly related to a teacher’s area of expertise. Through the experience, teachers have an opportunity to share with students and colleagues the knowledge they gain. There is also an opportunity for educators to make positive changes in teacher practices, authenticating curriculum to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers.

After participating in BEST, educators have an increased knowledge of industry, jobs, hiring trends, and skills needed in the 21st Century workplace.

More information will be provided when dates are set for BEST Day 2022 for the Tri-Valley high school teachers.

Summer Teacher Externship Program

An Educator Externship is a unique professional development opportunity connecting the classroom to the workplace. The experience places educators with business to develop relationships with employers, observe work first hand, and gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be transferred back to the classroom through the development or modification of curriculum, projects or student activities.

Externships are paid or unpaid experiences which are time limited and have an evaluation component. They can be short term (one day) or long-term (six weeks or more). The experience includes structured roles, responsibilities and agreed-upon outcomes for both the educator and business partner.

Purpose/Learning Outcomes

  1. To obtain a first‐hand view of the occupational options, labor market needs, activities, tasks, skill requirements, career development ladders, problems encountered, decision making processes, teamwork, and opportunities for student learning in a targeted industry or career area, through direct experience in a company or organization.
  2. To translate this learning into authentic, relevant, and integrated curriculum, teaching methods and authentic work-based learning opportunities for students.
  3. To build relationships with community employers who could later open their doors to students and educators for the purpose of collaboration to promote student achievement.
  4. To pilot Educator Externship Program processes, tools and materials to inform future educator externships.

More information will be provided when the Teacher Externship Program 2022 guidelines for Tri-Valley high school teachers is determined.